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The Farm

The 280-acre farm is surrounded by national parks and natural bushland, proving to be the ideal environment to tailor our care to the physiology of racehorses. We are constantly refining and updating this approach, fine-tuning the science and instinct of racehorse care to ensure that the farm remains a world-class facility.

A World Class facility purpose built for the best.


Training & Conditioning

  • 2400m crusher dust track

  • 800m straight and a 2000m grass track for pace work

  • Lap Pool

  • 16 horse walker

  • High speed treadmill

  • A comprehensive starting barrier education programme for young horses which includes a Monty Roberts designed barrier hallway


Stables & Paddocks

  • 280 acre property

  • 5 stable barns consisting of 58 stables

  • 63 individually fenced spelling yards

  • 27 day yards for horses in work

  • 10 large fully fenced paddocks for horses to run free

Export Quarantine

  • State of the Art, AQIS compliant

  • Houses 18 horses, with the facility to increase capacity to 54

  • Large comfortable boxes with yards attached

  • Includes a 10 horse walker

  • Secure admission and exit building for staff and vets

  • All horses fly out of Sydney on completion of their quarantine period


General Horse Care

  • Regular facility upgrades

  • Horses are trained from paddocks, day yards or stables

  • All horses are iced after fast work

  • Spelling horses are boxed at night if required and rugged during the winter months

  • Fresh lucerne cut x3/week during summer when available

  • A vet attends the farm weekly or as required

  • Resident veterinarian, on site for any out-of-hours veterinary care and manages our rehabilitation programme for injured horses

  • Horse dentist is available when required

  • A farrier is available 5-days a week

  • Horse weight scales are onsite

  • All-inclusive state-of-the-art Injury Recovery Program

  • On-site appointed safety officer (OH&S)

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