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Australia's Premium Agistment Farm

Our History

Australia's Premium Agistment Farm

Since being established in 1969, Muskoka Farm has been known for its unparalleled commitment to horse welfare, client satisfaction and results. Our idyllic, stress-free location and state-of-the-art facilities and meticulous horse care are the perfect combination to maximise racing potential. It is this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today.

Our Services

Training & Conditioning

  • 2400m crusher dust track

  • 2000m grass track for pace work with 800m straight

  • Lap pool

  • Horse walker for 16 horses

  • High speed treadmill

  • Comprehensive starting barrier education

  • Monty Roberts designed barrier hallway

Stables & Paddocks

  • 280 acre property

  • 5 stable barns consisting of 58 stables

  • 63 individually fenced spelling yards

  • 27 day yards for horses in work

  • 10 large fully fenced paddocks for horses to run free

Export Quarantine

  • State-of-the-art, AQIS compliant facilities

  • House up to 26 horses

  • Large comfortable boxes with yards attached

  • Horse walker for 10 horses

  • Secure entry and exit for staff and vets

  • Horses fly out of Sydney on completion of their quarantine

Chris Waller Racing have been using the spelling and pre-training facilities at Muskoka for a number of years. Our horses’ health and well-being are always a priority and the horses come into our system, as fit and happy horses looking in excellent condition. The communication from the farm has also always been terrific which is extremely important to my team and our owners.  

Chris Waller, Chris Waller Racing

Our Team

At Muskoka, everything we do is horse centric. Our dedicated and experienced team provides the best care for your horse. Nurturing and conditioning at a healthy pace to gradually improves racing potential.


Robbie Hewitson

General Manager


Wendy Lapointe

Resident Veterinarian


Adrienne Clark

Office Manager

Get in Touch

Muskoka Farm Pty Ltd.,

5738 Wisemans Ferry Road,

Gunderman NSW 2775, Australia

T: +61 4 0903 0567    |     E:

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